"Robert Le worked hard to quickly settle my case and always asked for my input through the whole process. I am really pleased with everything Robert Le has done for me. I will definitely go to him the next time I need an injury lawyer."

PhamPortland, OR

"Robert Le went above and beyond my expectation to fight for me."

Chau HoangPortland, OR

"Throughout this hard and trying time in my life, Mr. Le was emotionally supportive, understanding, encouraging and always had a positive attitude for a good outcome. He succeeded in winning this case and recovered a substantial amount. Thank you Robert Le."

ClaudiaPortland, OR

"Finally, I had these individuals who said, 'We're here for you. We're here to support you. We're going to make this right. You're not going to be a victim any longer. You're going to be able to move forward with your life.'"

Portland, OR

"We went against one of the biggest law firms in Los Angeles. They tried hard to intimidate us...we were able to win the case."

Ernesto MadridLos Angeles, CA

More Case Stories

Inspired by Experience

Ernesto met Robert Le while working at a restaurant in Los Angeles. Le helped Ernesto and fellow employees stand up against unjust payroll and time card accounting. This experience changed the lives of both men and inspired them to seek legal careers.

Supportive Team + Results

Imagine starting a new job, and getting phone calls at your work from someone who is saying horrible things about you, tracking every personal detail of your life. In this case, getting the support from a team of legal experts made all the difference. “They took the time to understand what was happening and find resolution.”

Left with more than Injuries

Driving out of a parking lot during the busy holiday season, Chau was hit by a driver who had no license or insurance. Left with a totaled car, and severe back pain that caused him to lose his job, Chau found Robert Le. Le helped get uninsured motorist insurance to cover his expenses. “I was very frustrated at that time, but he calmed me down.”

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