Inspiration to Pursue Law

While working at a restaurant during his undergraduate years, Robert Le became troubled when he learned of the systematic exploitation of the immigrant kitchen staff by the restaurant’s corporate management.

Advocating on their behalf, Robert’s diligent collection and organization of documents over three years provided the basis for a successful complaint (Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No.:BC311909) in California, which led to a significant settlement for the kitchen staff.

This formative experience inspired Robert to pursue a law degree that would enable him to seek justice for ordinary and marginalized people. His foundational belief, then and now, is that the law should protect everyone’s rights regardless of wealth or status. Robert’s sense of decency and fairness continue to fuel his dedication to helping people.

Robert Le met Ernesto Madrid, working at a Johnny Rockets restaurant in 2001. Hear more about how this case made an impact on both men, inspiring them to pursue careers fighting for the rights of others.

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