Despite many state and federal laws to protect employee rights, there are still thousands of cases every year where companies violate the rights of their workers. Failure to pay wages, retaliation, discriminatory hiring practices, and wrongful termination are a few of the issues encompassing this area of law.

US DISTRICT COURT CASE, No.: 3:15-cv-979
Our client was fired from his job at Wells Fargo after he began to ask questions about the company’s internal policies and deceptive mortgage practices. He was a long-time employee, who felt strongly in the importance of speaking out against unethical practices and later lost his job. We filed the case, along with Attorney Michael Fuller, to recover fair compensation for wrongful termination. Read more about the case from CNBC: Wells Fargo told staff to keep quiet about missing papers -lawsuit and The Oregonian/OregonLive: Whistleblower claims Wells Fargo misled borrowers, government.

SPYING IN THE WORKPLACE | MULTNOMAH COUNTY CASE, No.:131216557, vs. Russ Grodon (Employed by MB&G Corp.)
An employee gave birth and returned from maternity leave. As part of her routine childcare, she used a breast-pump to store breast milk, doing so in her private office. One day she discovered a device planted in her office that looked like a pen with a camera lens that had a data-port capable of sharing data that was used to spy on her using the breast-pump. It was reported to the employer, but no action was taken. It was later uncovered that this wasn’t the first time this employee used a device spy employees at this company. The defendant was criminally charged. A successful confidential settlement resulted.

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